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Pro Pharma has developed a Standardized Fee Schedule to assist with management of Claims Payment of self Injectables, vaccines, immunizations, cancer therapeutic agents, and enteral feeding.

JCode Calculator™ is a web based resource that can be integrated into current Medical Claims Payment Systems.

JCode Calculator™ bases all injectable reimbursement on the Healthcare Common Procedure Coding System (HCPCS), defined units, priced utilizing a spectrum of pricing metrics and can be customized for drug category discounts (e.g. chemotherapy) or multiple discounts based on drug type or specialty.

Reference Fields Include:

  • Average Wholesale Price (AWP), ASP and WAC by Pricing Unit for every HCPCS Code (including J, Q, A, B, C, and S Codes)
  • NDC & CPT Code Descriptions
  • Brand/Generic Name
  • Strength
  • Package Size
  • Pricing Unit

Features & Benefits

  • Pricing by Drug-Specific HCPCS-CPT Codes
  • NDC Codes
  • Brand and Generic Names
  • AWP, WAC, & ASP + 6% Pricing
  • Strength and Package Size
  • Pricing Per Package Size
  • Therapeutic Category
  • ICD-10 Diagnosis Flags
  • Maximum Dose
  • Customizable Discount Calculator
  • Drug Alert Notifications
  • Maximum Quantity
  • Rebateable Medications
  • Genomic Testing

Client Favorites

  • Brand/Generic Indicator
  • Part B & D Indicator Flags
  • Check if ICD-10 Approved for Drug
  • Check for FDA Approved Dosing
  • Easy Web-Based Searching
  • Purchase by Day/Week/Month/Quarter

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