JCode Calculator

JCode Calculator™

PRO PHARMA's JCode Calculator™ is a Specialty Injectables Pricing Web-based application designed exclusively for our clients to save time and money by:

  • Standardizing Reimbursement Procedures
  • Eliminating Overpayments
  • Cutting Labor Costs

PRO PHARMA's JCode Calculator™ is a Standardized Injectable Pricing Schedule, which assists with management of claims payment of self-injectables, vaccines, immunizations, and cancer therapeutic agents. It is designed to offer you time saving tools and resources that build convenience into managing your everyday work tasks....

  • Provides a JCode to NDC Crosswalk
  • Reimbursement by AWP, WAC, ASP, NDC(National Drug Code), etc.
  • Available Electronically (Excel), Web-Based or Hardcopy
  • Integration Into Current Claims Payment Systems
  • Fully "Searchable" On Any Field

Enables billing departments to accurately code and obtain reimbursement for drugs and products utilized which will result in:

  • Accurate and Expedited Compensation for Services Provided
  • Ease of Claims Processing
  • Reduction of Rejected Claims
  • Less "Hassle" Time in Contacting Physician Offices
  • Increased Precision of Revenue Forecasts
  • Enhanced Provider Relationships

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