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Pro Pharma Treatment Calendar™ is a proprietary program comprised of Artificial Intelligence rule sets, which allow for quality, utilization and cost comparisons by peer-to peer, peer-to-best in class, peer to national norms, peer to local norms.

Pro Pharma uses Clinical Protocol to analyze patient encounter data and diagnoses for required exams, tests, and medications. Every month the staff can use treatment calendar to schedule patients for appropriate services for those individual patients.

Treatment Calendar™ is a:

  • Quality tool for benchmarking
  • Tool to align provider and payer incentives by focusing on actionable patient specific quality improvements
  • Risk management tool to identify therapy that doesn't comply with national norms
  • Tool to graphically identify gaps in compliance.

Product Features:

  • Analysis of complicated and integrated data sets
  • Inexpensive versus the high cost of other Disease Management
  • Inexpensive with respect to medical and pharmacy benefit costs

Capabilities & Benefits

  • Population stratification by disease and morbidity
  • Predictive modeling to identify high utilization populations and those who may become future “train wrecks”
  • Severity indexing of patient health status
  • Wellness profiling and chronic condition profiling
  • UM/QI program support
  • Practitioner and patient intervention support
  • Patient and patient relationship building and maintenance

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